The Argument Web is a vision for integrated, reusable, semantically rich resources connecting views, opinions, arguments and debates online, wherever they may occur, whether in blogs, in comments or in multimedia resources, whether in educational, political, legal or other domains.

Many of the initial ideas are introduced in Rahwan, I., Zablith, F. & Reed, C. (2007) "Laying the Foundations for a World Wide Argument Web", Artificial Intelligence 171, pp897-921, which is available.

The Argument Web is underpinned by the Argument Interchange Format, AIF, which is a description, standard and series of implementations of a mechanism for exchanging argument resources between tools.

Its first version was described in Chesnevar,C., McGinnis,J., Modgil,S. Rahwan,I., Reed,C., Simari,G., South,M., Vreeswijk,G. & Willmott,S. (2006) "Towards an Argument Interchange Format", Knowledge Engineering Review, 21 (4), pp293-316, which is available.